Thursday ‘Feels’ Like Friday @Bar Soho

Thu 16th Nov at 4:00pm - Sun 17th Dec at 1:00am

Bar Soho in London, United Kingdom

Event Details

At Bar Soho we believe Thursdays really don’t get the credit that they deserve. So, we’ve decided something must be done to rectify the situation… and so, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do just that. Thanks to our fantastic atmosphere, lively staff and great music Thursday? Friday? It’s practically the same thing at Bar Soho and we’re confident that you won’t even be able to tell the difference. Who says you can only have fun at the weekends? (because, it’s certainly not us!) Extend your weekend and kick things off early with a little Thursday session at Bar Soho tonight… and if it all gets a little too ‘messy’, remember, what’s a Friday hangover anyway?! Our ‘famous and shameless’ ‘Hedonistic Happy Hour’ kicks off at 5 PM and the drinks are cheap so come and take a peep! Book now.