Taste The Divine

Sometimes all you need is the perfect platter or snack to wash your drink down with. We have a great range of platters to make your night go even smoother.



Veggie Platter (V)

Price: 16

Rosemary garlic bread bites, corn tortilla nachos & dips, seasoned wedges with salsa, mini veg spring rolls with sweet n’ sour sauce, halloumi & pepper skewers with chimichurri sauce and cream cheese stuffed peppers.

Chip Platter (V)

Price: 12

Spiral fries, thick French fries, seasoned potato wedges and sweet potato fries. Served with curry sauce, BBQ and ketchup dips.

Poppin Chicken Platter

Price: 16

Southern fried chicken fillets with BBQ sauce, chicken wings with Sriracha sauce, popcorn chicken bites with Korean BBQ sauce, chicken wings with chipotle pepper cream sauce, thick fries and carrot & celery batons

Classic Platter

Price: 16

Rosemary garlic bread bites, corn tortilla nachos & dips, seasoned wedges with salsa, Southern fried chicken fillets with BBQ sauce, calamari with garlic mayonnaise and Bloody Mary meatball skewers.


Delicious, Delectable Drinks

Bar Soho’s selection of cocktails, lagers and wine is sure to make any night just right.  We’ve  got your celebrations covered – order Champagne and book out our fabulous London venue for any night you had in mind. Taste heaven at Bar Soho.

Champagne Cocktails...


Price: 9.5

Peach purée, Prosecco

Kir Royale

Price: 11

G.H. Mumm Champagne, crème de cassis

Secret Cocktails...


Price: 8.25

Gordon’s, Absolut Citron, Triple Sec, elderflower, lime 25p of the price of this cocktail will be donated to the charity Cheers for Cheer

Bits & Bubble

Price: 8.25

Prosecco, Cointreau and cranberry juice

Cake Tini

Price: 8.25

Have your cake and drink it! Absolut Vanilia vodka, Frangelico, Baileys, Nutella and fresh double cream

Wicked Fruit Salad

Price: 8.25

Wicked Lady rosé wine, Midori and Passoa

Vino Colada

Price: 8.25

Chardonnay white wine, Captain Morgan Original Dark Rum, vanilla syrup and pineapple juice

Lady Marmalade

Price: 8.25

Tanqueray, Martini, lime syrup and tonic water, mixed up with orange marmalade

The Clyde

Price: 8.25

Russian Standard Vodka, elderflower cordial and strawberry Purée

The Bonny

Price: 8.25

Gordon’s Gin, lychee liqueur, lemon, sugar, strawberry and raspberry purée

Sex In the Garden

Price: 8.25

Absolut Beri Acai vodka, Crème de Cassis and ginger ale, mixed with berries

Soho Iced Tea

Price: 8.25

Russian Standard vodka, Gordon’s Gin, Havana 3 rum, Olmeca Blanco Tequila, Luxardo Amaretto, mint, lemon orgeat and Coca-Cola

Sharing Cocktails...


Price: 20

Russian Standard, Gordon’s, Havana 3, Olmeca Blanco, Triple Sec, Coca-Cola

Giant Porn Star Martini

Price: 24

Absolut Vanilia, Passoã, vanilla, lime, passion fruit with a mini bottle of Prosecco

The Classics...


Price: 10

Double Russian Standard with your choice of Red Bull Original or Sugar Free


Price: 8.75

Havana 3, Havana 7, pineapple juice, coconut cream


Price: 8.5

Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, bitters, lime


Price: 8.75

Campari, Gordon’s, Martini Rosso


Price: 9

Maker’s Mark, Martini Rosso, bitters


Price: 8.75

Havana 3, Coca-Cola


Price: 8.5

Aperol, Prosecco, soda


Price: 8.5

Havana 3, soda, mint, lime – ask your bartender for other flavours!

Woo Woo

Price: 8.5

Russian Standard, Archers, cranberry juice

Tormenta Negra

Price: 8.25

Bacardi Black rum, lime, Angostura bitters, ginger beer

Porn Star Martini

Price: 8.75

Absolut Vanilia, Passoã, Prosecco, vanilla, lime, passion fruit


Price: 8.5

Olmeca Reposado, Triple Sec, lime

Mai Tai

Price: 8.5

Havana 3, Orange Curacao, bitters, almond

Long Island Iced Tea

Price: 8.5

Russian Standard, Gordon’s, Havana 3, Olmeca Blanco, Triple Sec, Coca-Cola


Price: 8.5

Absolut Citron vodka, triple sec, lime, cranberry juice


Price: 8.5

Gordon’s, Crème de Mure, lemon